Chameleon MediaCenter is free to download, and free to use for collections up to 101 titles.  The free version will also work as a free trial for larger collections, only showing the first 101 titles.


To install, simply extract ALL files and folders from the zip file to the location of your choice (a fast SSD is highly recommended, use directory C:\CMC or D:\CMC).  Please keep all subdirectories intact, and do not relocate any components.


Please be sure to read and follow the 'Pre-Installation Requirements' and 'Installing CMC' sections on the How-To tab.



Application Version Build OS Download Link Zipfile CRC32 Checksum
CMC 3.1
Windows 10
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 7


CME 1.2


Some users have noted that their anti-virus software incorrectly flags CMC.exe as having a virus.  We have seen similar false flags on the TurboActivate components (these handle product licensing).


In a quest to minimize these false warnings, we are now submitting the ZIP and EXE files to the website for broad-spectrum scanning by nearly all anti-virus and anti-malware applications.  This ensures that CMC is safe for us to publish, and gives these tools a chance to scan MM Browser so you won't have to be first in line with a never before scanned executable.


If you experience issues and have concerns, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.  We also encourage you to submit the entire zip file and CMC.exe to your anti-virus provider for complete analysis if you too receive a threat alert.


While any alerts are most likely false, we always encourage you to practice safe computing, and not take unnecessary risks.


Chameleon MediaCenter / MM Browser Change Log


Dec 1, 2019:  Changes for CMC 3.1.2019.1201 / CME 1.2.2019.1130

Changes for Chameleon MediaCenter (CMC) v3.1.2019.1201

  • New:  NumPad text entry on Search panel
  • New:  Numpad searching through Titles now supports multiple characters
  • New:  Search String characters now shown while searching through title covers
  • New:  Movie Trailers are now playable from the Movie Details screen using MPC
  • New:  Startup Logo splashscreen with gradual fade-in for a less jarring startup
  • New:  Splashscreen can be disabled by renaming/removing \Skins\CMC Default\CMC_Logo.png
  • New:  Exclude folders from Syncing by creating an empty CMC.dna text file in the folder
  • New:  Added External Links for Disney+ and Grover Pro
  • New:  Show location for offline titles (MyMovies Collection Management>Personal Data>Location)
  • New:  Extra debug logging for Artwork Caching routines
  • New:  Debug Logging on Startup (if enabled)
  • Enhanced:  Significantly Faster Syncing (code optimization and new premium XML parsing library)
  • Enhanced:  More efficient Artwork Caching routines
  • Changed:  Added extra thread protection to ArtCacheDirListing and ArtworkCaching worker threads
  • Changed: Removed DPI.txt log file creation on startup since this hasn't been needed in a long time
  • Changed: If 17+ synced folders, [DONE] folders will drop off list to make room for other folders
  • Changed:  Removed FastMM4 Memory Manager Library
  • Changed:  Replaced CopyFile (Win API) with TFile.Copy (IOUtils)
  • Fixed:  Episode changes fail to process correctly with a SmartSync
  • Fixed:  Episode Watched/Unwatched changes were not detected with a SmartSync
  • Fixed:  When removing a folder from scanning, a SmartSync didn't fully remove TV Series / Box Sets
  • Fixed:  SmartSync didn't create the TV Series View after mapping episodes in MMCM
  • Fixed:  Updated Episode details in My Movies don't show up in CMC when using a SmartSync
  • Fixed:  Episode Images don't display for ISO based episodes configured as Online Files
  • Fixed:  Individual orphaned cached movie artwork files were not removed
  • Fixed:  Series Banner.jpg filepath wasn't recorded during XML parsing
  • Fixed:  CalcCompColor Access Violation when more than 17 scanned folders
  • Fixed:  Numerous memory leaks

Changes for CMC Metadata Exporter (CME) v1.2.2019.1130 (included with CMC v3.1.2019.1201):

  • New: Include YouTube Trailer ID, which allows CMC to play Movie Trailers


Oct 31, 2019:  Changes for CMC 3.0.2019.1031 / CME 1.1.2019.1031

Changes for Chameleon MediaCenter (CMC) v3.0.2019.1031

  • New: Advanced Filtering by Disc Type, Format, Audio Type, Stars, Years and Parental Rating
  • New: Configuration option to set the Default Disc Type Filter used at Startup
  • New: Region setting to control display of Parental Guidance values
  • New: Movie Screensaver option to show images from Unwatched Titles only
  • New: Movie Screensaver option to restrict images based upon the Title's Parental Rating
  • New: Similar Movies recommendation feature is now implemented
  • New: VLC can now be used for DVD & Blu-ray playback
  • New: Support for the newly released DVDFab Player 6 (Including install location bug)
  • New: Tracking of Box Set Watched status based upon Watched status of Titles in each Box Set
  • New: Tracking of TV Series Watched status based upon Watched status of all episodes
  • New: Added video info to movie Details screen, and audio and subtitle info to Audio+Subs screen
  • New: Use PLAY button on Genres & Categories to immediately filter on highlighted selection
  • Fixed: TV Series backdrop is not using the Local Artwork Cache
  • Fixed: Cannot updated Watched/Unwatched status of Movies while in the Box Set view
  • Fixed: Updating Watched/Unwatched status of Box Set Movies loses Box Set Perspective View
  • Fixed: Movie Screensaver never shows artwork of the last title in the database
  • Fixed: Incompatible Movie DB info didn't show when a new CMC version required a Full Sync
  • Fixed: 4K UltraHD covers were not being shown for the My Movies default Cover Profile.
  • Fixed: CMC_Watched.txt files not removed for ISO episodes after settting MMCM Watched Status
  • Fixed: DVD Cover Glow effect didn't work for My Movies stock profile
  • Fixed: Movie Details background panel was solid instead of translucent
  • Fixed: My Movies default Cover Profile still shows as available even after uninstalling My Movies
  • Fixed: Corrupt umlauts in Parental Ratings map
  • Fixed: List of Genres didn't display correctly for Titles in a Box Set
  • Updated: Applying the WatchList filter without any flagged titles now gives helpful guidance
  • Updated: TurboActivate components are now the latest version
  • Updated: TV Series now only count as 1 title against the 101 title limit for free/trial versions
  • Updated: Improved navigation for Genres & Categories filtering


Changes for CMC Metadata Exporter (CME) v1.1.2019.1031 (included with CMC v3.0.2019.1031):

  • New:  Made the API Connection and Read Timeouts configurable in the settings
  • New:  The Watched Status Sync now exports Episode metadata too (addresses a MM API bug)
  • New:  Export Episode metadata for Chapter based Episodes
  • New:  Option to Suppress Offline Episode Error Messages
  • Fixed:  New XML file prefix, making it longer than 256 bytes, so that XML files can be posted to forum
  • Fixed:  Changed export logic to skip export of Episodes on Offline Discs and log an Error
  • Fixed:  Removed duplicate backslashes when selecting the root of a drive, for example D:\\
  • Fixed:  CME now responds gracefully to API timeouts
  • Changed:  Greatly improved logging
  • Changed:  Console window font to Courier New



Jun 30, 2019:  Changes for CMC 2.2.2019.0630 / CME 1.0.2019.0630

Changes for Chameleon MediaCenter (CMC) v2.2.2019.630

  • New:  Predefined Win10 App External Links for Amazon Music, Napster, and SiriusXM


Changes for CMC Metadata Exporter (CME) v1.0.2019.630 (included with CMC v2.2.2019.0630):

  • New: Added 'Name must match exactly' option on Export Title Filter
  • Fixed:  Removed DunePaths with Username/Password from mmTitle.xml
  • Fixed:  Access Violation error when MM API fails to provide queried title data
  • Fixed:  Invalid Filepath error for TV Series with reserved characters in TV show name



Jun 18, 2019:  Changes for 2.2.2019.0618

  • New:  CMC Metadata Exporter (CME) for exporting better metadata using the MyMovies API
  • New:  Beautiful new TV Series & Episodes browser - view TV Series the way they should be seen!
  • New:  Automatically mark Movies/Episodes as Watched (optional), plus Autoplay the next Episode
  • New:  Option to Wrap-Around Covers (Configurable), scroll directly from Z to A and back again
  • New:  TV Series / BoxSet cover image makes is easy to identify them mixed in with all your movies
  • New:  Added a MissingCover.png file for when covers are missing
  • New:  TV Parental Rating images, so now you get the correct ratings for TV Series
  • New:  JRiver is now supported as an external video player (LAV + madVR + Blu-ray Menus!!!)
  • New:  External Links - Launch Windows Apps and open URL's right from CMC - fully customizable!
  • New:  Music Library now has filtering and playback by Music Genre
  • New:  Music Library now supports creating and listening to Playlists (m3u and m3u8 supported)
  • New:  Added option to "Keep Offline Titles" (for Syncing with sleeping servers)
  • New:  Added new config option for showing Movie Cover Overlays (Watched, Offline, New, etc.)
  • New:  Setting to disable Windows' Autoplay for DVDs & Blu-rays with a single click - so easy!
  • New:  Support for My Movies "Movie" (non-disc based) titles, for users who use encoded media
  • New:  Config option to set the Inactive IconBar Transparency, including 0% to make it invisible
  • New:  Support for non-16:9 screen ratios
  • New:  Back/Backspace button now works in many more places
  • New:  Added new touch enabled Exit menu with new options for Sleep and Shutdown
  • New:  90% of the GUI is now mouse/touch enabled (DVD/CD covers not yet implemented)
  • New:  On-Screen Remote (mouse/touch enabled) to navigate non-touch enabled GUI areas
  • New:  Configurable behavior of the "Visualization" button on the Music Now Playing page
  • New:  Added Next/Prev/FF/Rew/Ch Up/Ch Down fast-jump navigation to Music Library
  • New:  Press Enter/OK to play the currently highlighted song in the Now Playing songlist.
  • Changed:  Moved several graphics from embedded to the CMC Default skin folder
  • Fixed:  Syncing Music did not remove old data for Playlists, Artists, Composers, Genres, Years
  • Fixed:  Filtering Movie Genre by 'Show Any Of' incorrectly showed all TV Series/BoxSet children
  • Fixed:  DVD Case corners weren't properly rounded
  • Fixed:  Cover Profiles didn't load when subfolder name didn't match the Cover Profile name
  • Fixed:  Missing DVD cover background glow effect
  • Fixed:  Play Album Now/Play Song Now didn't work when there were already songs in the queue
  • Fixed:  Now Playing song list now shows the page of songs with the currently playing song
  • Fixed:  Music Menu not correctly highlighted when switching from Movie Library to Music Library
  • Fixed:  Album track sorting for CD's with over 100 tracks and tracknums formatted as ###/###
  • Plus lots more small fixes and tweaks too small to list here that make this the best CMC version yet!


Jan 23, 2019:  Changes for 2.1.2019.0123

  • Fixed:  Pressing Back/Exit on Sync Error Report caused CMC to hang on a black screen
  • Fixed:  TS and MPEG2 files were not identified as playable


Jan 20, 2019:  Changes for 2.1.2019.0120

  • CMC now v2.1
  • New:  GUI is now multi-lingual (language files stored in Languages folder in JSON format)
  • New:  CMC now supports skinning (includes 'CMC Default' in Skins folder)
  • New:  Completely new Settings menu, mouse enabled, organized by category, with on-screen Help
  • New:  Added an option to set the default Media Type Filter
  • New:  Added Music Screensaver Lights Out Mode
  • New:  Added support for TS and MPG2/MPEG2 files
  • Enhanced:  You can now change Cover Profile without restarting
  • Enhanced:  Performance optimizations to decrease startup time
  • Enhanced:  Grab VCD Drive Letter from Registry instead of scanning drives
  • Enhanced:  New error message when Blu-ray Episodes are missing required MPLS values in My Movies
  • Enhanced:  Sync Icon now spins during Sync and during background Artwork Caching
  • Enhanced:  Replaced Memory Manager to address memory leaks
  • Enhanced:  Program size reduced by over 40% due to new Skinning solution
  • Fixed:  PowerDVD 17 & 18 did not Autoplay mounted ISO's
  • Fixed:  Channel Up/Down buttons not scrolling the covers
  • Fixed:  Double backslashes when assigning the root of a drive letter to Sync
  • Fixed:  All TV Series covers to show as Offline
  • Fixed:  Error on startup complaining that the Logs directory doesn't exist on a new install
  • Fixed:  Random small bug fixes


Oct 31, 2018:  Changes for 2.0.2018.1031

  • First Halloweenaversary Edition
  • New:  Added GUI Verbose Level setting to set how detailed status messages are when playing movies
  • New:  Added Startup Performance Logging to identify bottlenecks slowing down program startup
  • Updated:  TurboActivate.dat file to show new Chameleon MediaCenter program name when activating
  • Fixed:  Bug that prevented Genres and Categories from showing (please run a Full Sync to apply fix)
  • Fixed:  4K UHD discs show with incorrect Blu-ray cover artwork with CMC profile


Oct 29, 2018:  Changes for 2.0.2018.1029

  • Fixed: Movie info shows when pressing OK/Enter on various parts of Music Library
  • Fixed: DVD covers show when starting in Music Library mode with Auto-run Movie SmartSync enabled


Oct 28, 2018:  Changes for 2.0.2018.1028

  • MM Browser renamed to Chameleon MediaCenter 2.0
  • New:  Terminator 2 EndoArm Contest - Contest begins Nov 1st for US Residents!
  • New:  Added support for DVDFab Player 5
  • New:  Added support for Video formats:  AVI, DIVX, DVX, FLV, MOV, MPEG, MPG, QT, and WTV
  • New:  Music Library now uses Un4seen's BASS Audio Library
  • New:  Music Playback for:  AIFF, AAC, ALAC, APE, OGG, FLAC, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4/M4a, OFR, WAV, WMA, and WV audio formats
  • New:  Gapless audio playback
  • New:  Option to disable Autoplay of Inserted Discs
  • Changed:  FullSync / SmartSync option now part of Sync icon
  • Enhanced:  Movie Artwork Caching is now a background process
  • Enhanced:  Music now fades outs when starting a movie
  • Enhanced:  Now Playing Song List now shows time of current song
  • Enhanced:  Music now syncs faster
  • Fixed:  Some media keys activate twice
  • Fixed:  Multiple button presses required on disc select prompt
  • Fixed:  Can't select Discard after highlighting Save on Music Settings menu
  • Fixed:  Now playing CD icon now disappears when starting a movie
  • Fixed:  Songs are now sorted by Track Number
  • Fixed:  Some songs show as length 0:00
  • Fixed:  Insert disc in D:\ prompts when D:\ is an optical drive



Sep 30, 2018:  Changes for 1.9.2018.0930

  •  MM Browser now v1.9 with some great new features!
  • New:  Music Library and audio playback (MP3/WAV/WMA supported)
  • New:  Configurable Music button to launch MMB in Music Library mode
  • New:  Disc mounting enhancements for Red Fox users
  • New:  Offline Titles support
  • New:  Autoplay Inserted Discs
  • New:  3-row and 4-row options for DVD Covers
  • New:  Select custom Background artwork (doesn't have to be FanArt)
  • New:  Choose Player for Episodes on DVDs and Blu-Rays
  • Changed:  Renamed MMBrowserDB.xml to MMB_MovieDB.xml
  • Enhanced:  Upgrade notices are now GUI-fied (for next upgrade...)
  • Enhanced:  New ISO mounting logic for better experience
  • Enhanced:  Faster program startup by using KBDynamic DB loading
  • Fixed:  VCD Unmount bug that prevented unmounting
  • Fixed:  Removed blank lines with ( ) in Episode Lists
  • Fixed:  Lots of various cosmetic and functional bugs


Aug 04, 2018:  Changes for 1.8.2018.0804

  • New:  My Movies Custom / Childless Box Set Support
  • Fixed:  Forcing a Full-Sync did not update all titles
  • Fixed:  Default Sort Order picklist not visible on Settings screen
  • Fixed:  Collections with more than 57 Categories overflowed the screen (now handles 72)


Apr 01, 2018:  Changes for 1.8.2018.0401

  • New:  Support for WMV videos


Mar 30, 2018:  Changes for 1.8.2018.0330

  • Fixed:  Sync hangs scanning a directory with both DVD & BR Folders


Mar 29, 2018:  Changes for 1.8.2018.0329

  • New:  Support for HD-DVD Folders
  • Enhanced:  Debug Logging is now much faster
  • Enhanced:  Debug Logging now captures more troubleshooting data


Mar 23, 2018:  Changes for 1.8.2018.0323

  • New:  Sync Error Report now viewable  in GUI after a Sync
  • Fixed:  No error logged when TV Series titles missing a TV Series ID


Mar 18, 2018:  Changes for 1.8.2018.0318

  • MM Browser now v1.8
  • New:  Preliminary TV Series & Episode Support
  • New:  Play DVD Episodes directly from ISO or Folder using MPC & VLC
  • New:  Play Blu-ray Episodes directly from ISO or Folder using PowerDVD, MPC & VLC
  • New:  Support for 4k UHD Blu-rays
  • New:  Support for M4V videos
  • New:  Support for VideoLAN / VLC
  • New:  Support for Media Player Classic (both MPC-HC and MPC-BE)
  • New:  Auto-Adjusting Display Refresh Rate to match video source
  • New:  Background Color-Aware Top Menu Icons
  • New:  MM Browser CoverProfile (All New Artwork)
  • New:  My Movies Installation No Longer Required for MM Browser
  • New:  Error Logging Support on Program Startup
  • New:  Versioning of the Sync Error Log report file
  • Enhanced:  Back button now works in most areas of GUI
  • Enhanced:  Icon SubMenus now default to the current values
  • Fixed:  SmartSync failed to remove old data from bad mymovies.xml
  • Fixed:  Screen Resizing Issues
  • Fixed:  Improved 32-bit Windows Support
  • Fixed:  Access Violation on Program Startup (Rare)
  • Fixed:  ISO Double-Mount/Launch from some multimedia keyboards
  • Fixed:  Several sync bugs affecting 2-sided disc B-sides only
  • Fixed:  My Movies 5.13 (and earlier) causing Access Violation errors
  • Fixed:  Cover Profiles not using values from XML files
  • Fixed:  Top Menu Icons didn't update with fast input
  • Fixed:  Empty Box Set 'Out of Bounds' error
  • Fixed:  MMB didn't close when exited from disc prompts
  • Fixed:  Numerous small bug fixes for an overall better MM Browser


Dec 30, 2017:  Changes for 1.7.2017.1230

  • New:  Added support for FanArt using 'Movie File' naming format


Dec 29, 2017:  Changes for 1.7.2017.1229

  • New:  'Debug/Performance Logging On' indicator during Sync
  • Fixed:  Missing Cover Art for 'Online File' in root of Sync folder
  • Fixed:  Program would not start if prog folder named 'MM Browser'
  • Fixed:  Access Violation on Save Settings when no Titles Synced
  • Fixed:  Screensaver sometimes does not stop on input detect


Dec 20, 2017:  Changes for 1.7.2017.1221

  • Fixed:  Access Violation Error on Startup after Upgrade to v1.7


Dec 20, 2017:  Changes for 1.7.2017.1220

  • MM Browser now v1.7
  • New:  MP4 & MKV support (plays with PowerDVD or 'Movies & TV')
  • New:  Windows 10 'Movies & TV' App Support for MP4/MKV Playback
  • New:  Screensaver FanArt Slideshow
  • New:  Backdrop Color Aware Text/Graphics on Covers screen
  • New:  Empty Box Sets now reported in Sync Error Report & Debug
  • New:  Details Pop-up Delay is now configurable
  • New:  Debug Logging of Directory Scan Routine
  • Changed:  Auto-SmartSync option now runs on every program start
  • Enhanced:  Faster Directory Scanning
  • Enhanced:  Cosmetic Tweaks
  • Fixed:  Remote Back Button didn't disable Details Pop-up
  • Fixed:  Orphaned mymovies.xml files synced as playable titles
  • Fixed:  Access Violation when media in root of scanned folder


Dec 8, 2017:  Changes for 1.6.2017.1208

  • Enhanced:  Added Instructions and Tips to Search panel
  • Fixed:  Default values for MCE Remote Buttons
  • Fixed:  'List index out of bounds' error on Genre/Cat Filters
  • Fixed:  'List index out of bounds' error on empty Box Sets
  • Fixed:  SmartSync failed on first Sync after purchasing license



Dec 7, 2017:  Changes for 1.6.2017.1207

  • MM Browser now v1.6
  • New:  WatchList to flag movies/shows you want to watch
  • New:  Built-In MCE Remote Control Configurator
  • New:  Auto-create Start Menu Shortcut including the CTRL+ATL+8 Hotkey
  • New:  Debug Logging Mode for troubleshooting Sync Errors
  • New:  Use Replay/Skip to jump to First/Last Cover
  • New:  Use FastForward/Rewind to faster scroll 3 cover screen widths
  • New:  Use Channel Up/Down to fast scroll 1 cover screen width
  • New:  Background Help Images for First Time Users
  • Enhanced:  Local Database is now standard functionality
  • Enhanced:  Show all Actors on Actor/Crew page (previously limited to 11)
  • Enhanced:  Cosmetic tweaks and optimizations
  • Fixed:  Extra-long Synopsis did not scroll correctly
  • Fixed:  SmartSync ignored MMB_Watched/UnWatched/WatchList.txt
  • Fixed:  Crash on version upgrade when DB format changed
  • Fixed:  Divide by Zero error on FanArt page when zooming a missing cover



Nov 25, 2017:  Changes for 1.5.2017.1125

  • MM Browser now v1.5
  • New:  Box Set Support
  • New:  Filter by "Media Type" (Movies/TV/Music/Documentary)
  • New:  Smart Sync (super-fast, processes changes only)
  • New:  Multi-threaded Scanning of Monitored Folders
  • New:  Adding Sync Performance Logging
  • New:  Option to Reboot Windows from Exit Icon
  • New:  Hide Movie Details Panel on FanArt Page to see Artwork
  • New:  Force Full DB Refresh / Clear Artwork Cache on Settings Page
  • Improved:  Directory Scanning optimized for speed
  • Fixed:  ID tag in MMBrowserDB.xml Local Database was not loaded
  • Fixed:  Local Artwork Cache not being used
  • Fixed:  Wrong Cover Artwork displaying from Local Cache
  • Fixed:  Various bug fixes


Nov 17, 2017:  Changes for 1.4.2017.1117

  • MM Browser now v1.4
  • New:  BDMV Blu-ray folder support (re-Sync to enable)
  • New:  Smart Artwork Caching (super-fast, processes changes only)
  • Fixed:  'Index out of Bounds' error on Genres & Categories
  • Fixed:  Display of Genres/Categories selection screens
  • Fixed:  Scan missed discs when multi-disc set arranged in a tree
  • Enhanced:  Sync processing optimized for accuracy & efficiency


Nov 13, 2017:  Changes for 1.3.2017.1113

  • MM Browser now v1.3
  • Massive upgrade, should greatly improve collection syncing
  • New:  Multi-disc VIDEO_TS 'DVD Folder' support
  • New:  My Movies 'Online File' support
  • New: Preliminary Box-Set support (work in progress)
  • Improved:  Disc selection prompts
  • Improved:  Artwork Caching folder names, prep for Smart Caching
  • Improved:  Program Directory organization and cleanup
  • Improved:  Sync Error Reporting is now more informative
  • Fixed:  Multi-disc DVD Folder collections were not showing 101 titles
  • Fixed:  Show Disc Name instead of ISO filename for "Online Folder" ISOs
  • Fixed:  Crash when playing ISO without a VCD drive assignment
  • Fixed:  Pop-up Menu positions on Settings screen on 4K TV
  • Fixed:  Auto-update crashing on Windows 7
  • Fixed:  Numerous small bug fixes


Nov 7, 2017:  Changes for 1.2.2017.1107

  • New:  Quick Start Tips on new installations to help new users
  • Fixed:  .iso case sensitive bug preventing finding of ISO files
  • Fixed:  Cover Zoom on FanArt page was not set to top layer


Nov 6, 2017:  Changes for 1.2.2017.1106

  • MM Browser now v1.2
  • New:  Added support for DVD Folders (re-Sync to enable)
  • Fixed:  Minor bug fixes


Nov 5, 2017:  Changes for 1.1.2017.1105

  • MM Browser now v1.1
  • New:  Added Categories Filtering (re-Sync to enable)
  • New:  Added Synopsis to Real-Time Search fields
  • New:  Find duplicate Collection Numbers in the My Movies DB
  • New:  Added automatic scaling to 1080p/4K screens.
  • Fixed:  Added Windows High-DPI Scaling support
  • Fixed:  'Marked Watched' GUI behavior on FanArt Actions page


Oct 31, 2017:  Changes for 1.0.2017.1031

  • Happy Halloween!
  • First Public Release