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4 - CME Metadata Cleanup Tool

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 1:25 pm
by Pauven
CME Metadata Cleanup Tool
The Metadata Cleanup tool is on the Settings screen under the 'CME Metadata Cleanup' tab:

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This is similar to the Metadata cleanup tool in My Movies Collection Management, but is designed to cleanup the new metadata files created by CME.

To use it, select the checkbox(es) for the file types you want to delete, add one or more folders, run a 'Test Clean Now' and review the output log to verify you are happy with the results, then run a 'Clean Now' (without the "Test Clean Only" option checked) to actually delete the files.

If you previously used the "Create E##.txt" option in CMC (part of the solution to force My Movies to export Episode metadata), these files are no longer needed with CME, so we recommend you go ahead and delete these with the Metadata Cleanup tool by enabling the "Delete E##.txt files" checkbox.

The option to "Delete mmTitle.xml / mmSeries.xml / mmEpisode.xml" will help if you've run an export and somehow data was not written where you wanted it to be written, or if you've reconfigured titles in My Movies Collection Management and now have orphaned metadata files in your media folders causing incorrect results. Since the metadata cleanup tool in My Movies Collection Management won't remove the files created by CME, you'll have to use the CME Metadata Cleanup tool to remove these files.

The mmMovieID.xml files are created by CMC during a sync if it finds a mymovies.xml file with <Movie> metadata inside (created for non-disc based movies in your collection). CME can scan for these files, which serve as a trigger for it to export the movie poster artwork files, and they are normally deleted after they are processed, though you can manually delete them with the tool if you need to with the "Delete mmMovieID.xml" option.

While we have provided an option to "Delete mymovies.xml" files too, this is for convenience and we do not recommend that you use it. Rather, you should use the metadata cleanup tool in My Movies Collection Management to remove these files (and other metadata too), since it is much more comprehensive and supported by Binnerup.

The Verbose Logging option will show more information in the results window, though to be honest this extra info makes the output harder to read, so we recommend you leave this disabled unless you are troubleshooting.

Artwork Cleanup
At this time, the CME Metadata Cleanup tool does not remove any artwork. The My Movies Collection Management Metadata Cleanup tool does have this capability, so you can use it if you need to.

If you find a need for a CME specific artwork cleanup tool, please let us know.