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WARNING - Bluescreen with AMD Radeon Driver 20.4.1

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WARNING - Bluescreen with AMD Radeon Driver 20.4.1

Post by Pauven » Mon Apr 06, 2020 1:53 pm

I am sending out this advisory to all CMC users who are running Radeon graphics. It is unknown if the problem described here only affects 1 system (mine), or if it will affect all Radeon users.

Today I upgraded my Radeon software from 19.12.13 to 20.4.1. After upgrading, every time I close CMC I get a blue-screen crash on my Windows 10 1909 PC. I've seen at least two different blue-screen error messages:

What failed: atikmpag.sys



The affected PC is running the AMD Radeon VII graphics card, which I expect is rare in general, and extremely rare in HTPC use. This is my development workstation, which is why I'm running this high-end graphics card. Unfortunately, it's more than a little inconvenient when your development workstation crashes every time you test your new code...

I don't know if this issue affects all Radeon graphics cards, or only the VII, or only my particular PC. My recommendation is to avoid 20.4.1 at this time. I'll log an issue with AMD support.

I plan to roll back the driver, and probably try 20.2.2 instead. At this time, I don't know in which AMD driver version the problem began, I have only seen it in 20.4.1, and my previous drivers which did not have issues were about 4 months old, 19.12.3.
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