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104 - Initial CCC Configuration

Chameleon CentralController (CCC) is used to export My Movies metadata directly to CMC's Movie DB, and manage User Accounts and Parental Restrictions, and tracks Watch History and WatchLists on a per-user basis.
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104 - Initial CCC Configuration

Post by Pauven » Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:20 pm


In CCC, click the big gear/wrench icon to open Settings.

On the "Startup Options" tab, enter the Password for your user account (this allows CMC to log onto the network shared folder you just created). See the main text below for guidance on the Username Override option, which is for technical users who want more security.

On the "My Movies API Authentication" tab, enter the PC Name (or IP address) of the PC where your My Movies collection is hosted (use localhost if you are currently on that PC). Also enter the API Key, which you can find here:

My Movies Collection Management > Tools > Settings > Remote Control Server

While on that page, make sure that "Allow connections from remote control devices" is enabled.

Save, then skip to the next chapter: 105 - Running a Full Export of My Movies Data

Opening CCC's Settings
By default, CCC opens to the main control panel, which includes several buttons and options across the top, and a log window at the bottom.

At the top left is a large button with a gear & wrench labeled Settings - click this to open the CCC Settings panel:

image.png (59.69 KiB) Viewed 10386 times

The Settings panel has 6 tabs across the top, and will default to the first tab, "About CCC" which is purely informational. To begin configuration, select the "Startup Options" tab.

image.png (79.19 KiB) Viewed 10386 times

Local Windows Account Password
For now, you only need to configure the local Windows Account Password section (we will discuss the other, more advanced options, later in the tutorial):

image.png (148.51 KiB) Viewed 10386 times

The username/password combo here will be used by CMC PC's to connect to the NetShare folder you shared in the previous section. The username/password info is transmitted securely to CMC PC's when they connect to CCC's API to sync the movie database and CMC user accounts. By default, the username displayed here will be your current logged on account. Simply enter your password here into the lower box.

If you want to use a different Windows account for sharing this folder (perhaps a more access restricted account), then you will need to check the "Override Username" option, which will then allow you to type a different Username into the top field. Note that this option is recommended only for technical users familiar with advanced windows security configuration, as we will not be providing guidance on how to configure this.

*NOTE: We have received some reports from users that using an online Microsoft account with CCC and the network share has some unexpected and problematic behavior. These users have recommended using local Windows accounts only.

It has come to our attention that domain users may experience access issues if CMC attempts to connect to CCC's NetShare using the credentials supplied here. If you are a domain user and experiencing trouble with artwork showing up, please reach out to us for an updated version of CMC & CCC that bypasses the authentication step for domain users - this capability is missing in v4.0.2020.1212.

My Movies API Authentication
The next step is to click the "My Movies API Authentication" tab, where you will configure CCC's connection to the My Movies API service:

image.png (157.08 KiB) Viewed 10386 times

There's only two values that you will need to provide: The PC Name (or IP Address) of the PC running your My Movies database, and the API Key to connect to the My Movies API service.

If you're running CCC on your main My Movies PC, then just use localhost as the PC name. If you are running your My Movies database on a different PC, then enter that PC's name or IP instead.

To find your API Key, open My Movies Collection Management, then go to Tools > Settings > Remote Control Server. There you will see the current 5-character API Key value displayed. If you don't like the current value, you can click the "Change" button, and it will randomly generate a new value. Whatever current API Key value is show must be entered exactly into CCC - be sure to respect UPPER/lowercase letters.

image.png (239.15 KiB) Viewed 10386 times

While you are here, make sure that the "Allow connections from remote control devices" option is checked!

Ready for Export
You've now completed the initial configuration, and you are ready to run the first export of your My Movies collection. Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Settings panel to store your updated configuration and return to CCC's main control panel.

Proceed to the next chapter: 105 - Running a Full Export of My Movies Data
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