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304 - Running Reports

Chameleon CentralController (CCC) is used to export My Movies metadata directly to CMC's Movie DB, and manage User Accounts and Parental Restrictions, and tracks Watch History and WatchLists on a per-user basis.
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304 - Running Reports

Post by Pauven » Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:18 pm

Watched History and WatchLists Reports in CCC
When a user (even the "Default CMC User") plays media, manually toggles a Title/Episode between Watched or Not Watched, or add/removes a Title to their personal WatchLists, this data is synced from CMC to CCC to update the master database, which in turn is synced back down to all other CMC HTPC's.

If you would like to see this data, in CCC you can open Settings and select the "Reports" tab:

image.png (225.47 KiB) Viewed 13571 times

There are several filtering options at the top, allowing you to view data for a particular user, switch between the Watch Events and WatchLists data, and for Watch Events you can select the Source (Played or manually Toggled).

Even though there is a "Refresh" button to manually refresh (you can watch new data stream in from CMC), every time you change any of the options the report automatically refreshes.

All of the columns are sortable, and clicking a second time reverses the sort direction.

Additionally, when you select one or more records, an option to "Delete Selected Record(s)" will appear at the bottom.

:!: Caution: Deleting records is immediate and irreversible.

:!: Caution: CMC uses complex logic to scan through all watched events to determine the current watched status for each User and for each Title & Episode. This data overrides the My Movies watched status, and the absence of this data allows the My Movies status to apply, unless the "Ignore My Movies Watched Status" option is enabled for that User. Long story short: When you delete records you may discover that CMC does not behave the way you expect it to behave. You might think it is broken and want to reach out for support, but I assure you we have spent extensive time developing and testing this solution, and it is working correctly. Proceed with caution.

Watched Event/WatchLists for Deleted User Accounts
When you delete a User Account, you are warned that you may lose their Watched Event History and WatchLists. But actually, this data is not deleted with the User Account.

Instead, all Watched Events and WatchLists for that user are preserved, but unlinked to any user account. You can still view the reports and see this data.

If you later create a new User Account, it can re-link to this data. You may or may not want this result. If you don't want to link a new User Account to old data, then you either need to delete the old data, or keep creating New User Accounts until you get to a new ID that is not associated with historical data.
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