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MyMovies 4.1 prerelease available

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MyMovies 4.1 prerelease available

Post by Jamie » Sun May 08, 2022 7:02 pm


For those who don't follow the mymovies site, MyMovies 4.1 prerelease is now available. Paul, I didn't know where to place this, so if you want to move it, please do.

Here are the release notes so far.

My Movies 5.41 Pre Release 3

Fix: The installer could be shown with an empty screen without choices depending on prior install state.

My Movies 5.41 Pre Release 2

Fix: Issue causing sync problems for users with offline movie profiles.

My Movies 5.41 Pre Release 1

Change: We have worked on changing the SQL queries around the program to avoid various situations where locking on the database level, which could cause some situations where the app was not responding. Please give us feedback if you still see this. Notice! This is a bigger internal change, and can mean that there is places where the SQL is broken.

Added: There is now a save as option on the posters on the movie editing dialog.

Fix: An internal exception could occur when trying to set a release date in the movie control, leading to some odd results.
Fix: A control got changed by the designer, causing a problem with causing a date parse on movie profiles.
Fix: Sorting was not correct on second level on some TV Series.
Fix: After adding a disc title, it did not get selected, and in various other situations the disc title was not selected.
Fix: The dialog to show images in some situations behaved oddly.
Fix: Icons for groups had been removed by mistake, which also could cause the right click menu to take a long time to open.

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