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[Fixed in v7.0] PlayerFab 7 Problems

General support forum for Chameleon MediaCenter (formerly MM Browser)
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[Fixed in v7.0] PlayerFab 7 Problems

Post by robert5733 » Mon Oct 30, 2023 12:16 am

Ok, since my Windows 11 12th gen is now not compatible with PowerDVD 17, I narrowed down a choice between PowerDVD 22 and PlayerFab 7. I chose to shell out the money for PlayerFab since their program has lifetime updates (unlike PowerDVD). It plays movies as it's supposed to, the problem I am having is that when I select the movie in CMC (using 0006 beta), it opens PlayerFab with folders shown but the movie does not start playing. I do get playerfab open showing a selection of movies, which I can then doubleclick my choice and it starts playing, but I have no control of operations(below).

I also installed VLC and it works as designed in CMC.

I have read some older problems in your forum and tried a couple but to no avail.

I have made sure that it is pointed at the right program (C:\Program Files\DVDFab\PlayerFab\Playerfab.exe)

I have tried a command line (C:\Program Files\DVDFab\PlayerFab\Playerfab.exe E:\Movies\DUNGEONS_DRAGONS_HONOR_AMONG_THIEVES" /fullscreen /close) which results in the same playerfab open with folders showing but no playback

Also tried a basic command (C:\Program Files\DVDFab\PlayerFab\Playerfab.exe E:\ /fullscreen /close) with same results

I have tried running as administrator (no change)

Here is my playclick log

PlayClick Debug Log Generated 10/29/2023 7:48:28 PM with CMC v6.0.2022.0006
Disc Number=0
Disc Type=dtDVD
Path is not a network device.
Player Commandline= "E:\Movies\DUNGEONS_DRAGONS_HONOR_AMONG_THIEVES" /fullscreen /close
Launching 'DVDFab Player'

Another thing I am encountering, is if I double click the movie in CMC, it starts playing but I have no control (play, stop, fast forward, pause, or any selections on the bottom of the window). Closing everything and opening Playerfab on it's own without CMC, I have the same results, no control on the bottom.

Oddly enough, if I restart the computer and open Playerfab before CMC, everything operates normally.

OHHH, just found that Playerfab is still running in the taskbar (system tray near clock), if I exit there, Playerfab resumes normal operation on it's own.

Also found after exiting in the system tray, then CMC opens Playerfab and plays the movie correctly. So it is a problem with not closing completely from the system tray upon closing the program, and possibly because it starts with Windows it is creating a problem with CMC.

Went into Playerfab settings and disabled the options to "auto start at system startup" and "minimize to systry when closing the main window". All appears to be well now.

Just needed to walk someone through my problem and I found it. Will keep playing and see how this works out. Sorry about that, but it's now here for others if they have a problem.

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Re: [Fixed in v7.0] PlayerFab 7 Problems

Post by Pauven » Mon Oct 30, 2023 12:34 am

Hey Robert,

The issue you're experiencing is fixed in the next version of CMC, v7.0. Specifically:

• Fixed: DVDFab PlayerFab v7 playback broken due to depreciated command line parameter support

I don't know why DVDFab took away functionally, shame on them, but some command line options like forcing fullscreen no longer work, and if CMC passes then then payback is broken. So I had to make CMC detect the PlayerFab version and turn off sending those parameters if it's version 7.

CMC v7 is in Release Candidate testing right now. If you're are a member is the Prerelease Testers group, you can go ahead and grab it to test. If you're not, no worries, CMC v7.0 final is scheduled for release about a day and a half, on October 31, Halloween, which is also CMC 's anniversary.

Good work on figuring out that PlayerFab startup issue, and thanks for sharing the solution!
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