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[Bug in 7.0] Bug - no sync for nested collection updates with disc title changes only

General support forum for Chameleon MediaCenter (formerly MM Browser)
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[Bug in 7.0] Bug - no sync for nested collection updates with disc title changes only

Post by p64imp » Mon Jan 08, 2024 3:22 pm

I believe i found an issue -

I went through all my star wars movies inside my collection and added 4k copies for episodes VII - IX and noted that CCC did not pick up these changes. I checked again, the updates indeed were there in mymovies, however forcing additional syncs found no changes with my movies in my collection.

I don't know if the issue spans to ignoring movies nested under a movie in a collection, or a combo of that + only updating the disc reference pathing, but the changes for all the movies inside the collection did not update until:

i added a empty space to the parent in the collection in the summary, altered the sort by title id's in the movies i made changes in.

Once i did these 2 changes and saved + re-synced in CCC, all the changes i did to the full collection carried over.

Can you please review to see if the ccc flag code can include pathing for movies nested in a collection?

Thank you!!

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Re: Bug - no sync for nested collection updates with disc title changes only

Post by Pauven » Mon Jan 08, 2024 3:43 pm

This is a probably a My Movies bug, not a CCC bug.

My Movies provides a list, via their API, of the last changed date/time of each title. CCC queries this list, and will grab any that are newer than the last time it was checked - this is the basic functionality of the changes only CCC export.

There are certain changes that you can make in My Movies that won't cause these dates to change, so from CCC's perspective, there are no changes to process.

When you identify a My Movies change like this that does not get processed as a new change, the best thing you can do is report it to Binnerup.

I do recommend doing an occasional Full Export in CCC. Originally I had this configured out of the box to do a weekly Full Export, but these days I typically recommend monthly. This is primarily to mitigate the issue of My Movies changes not reporting they are changed via the API, so they get missed in CCC.

Note, you can verify this yourself by running the same API command in a browser window. To do this, in CCC Settings > My Movies API Authentication, enable the checkbox for "Show My Movies API Calls". Then run a changes only "Auto-Export". At the very top of the log window, the very first API call will be something like http://Localhost:51415/?command=GetTitl ... ,"&APIKey=12345, but that last bit will be your personal APIKey or login info.

Copy and paste that into a browser window on your CCC PC, and check out the results. Find the titles you changed, and look at the recordChanged and personalDataChanged timestamps, these will likely be older dates, from before you made the changes. These are the dates that CCC evaluates, and if My Movies doesn't change the dates, then CCC is blind to the change.
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