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FEEDBACK WANTED - Movie Collections

Post here to suggest ideas for future versions.
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FEEDBACK WANTED - Movie Collections

Post by Pauven » Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:14 pm

For those that haven't discovered this yet, Binnerup has added a new feature to My Movies 5.30 called "Movie Collections". I'm working on bringing this new feature into CMC.

Movie Collections are pretty much as they sound: A collection of movies, such as James Bond, similar to a Box Set. But they do differ from a Box Set in several important ways.

For one, you don't have to have all the titles in a Movie Collection to add it to your collection. For example, I created a Movie Collection called "The Academy Awards - Best Picture Winners", which includes 93 films from 1927 to 2020. You can download this from the online service to add it to your own collection, and the movies that you don't own will still show in My Movies but with greyed out covers/titles, so you can see what you're missing to complete your own collection. I personally only have about 20 movies from this collection, but I bet some of you may have a nearly complete set!

And unlike a Box Set, a Movie Collection can be anything you want, not an official movie Box Set that you buy at the store. You can create a personal Movie Collection called "My Favorite Breakup Movies" and add any movies you want to it (Terminator comes to mind...).

Another thing that makes Movie Collections different is that they are a list of Movies, not a list of Disc Titles. So you can add "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" to a "The Terminator Collection" Movie Collection, and it will match to all of your matching T2 discs, on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, etc. That's one of the things that makes Movie Collections very shareable, as they are just a list of movie names, not individual discs that different by format, editions, or country.

Movie Collections are a revolutionary new feature. I'm super excited about them, perhaps you are too. And I really want to bring these into CMC.

Hopefully that gives you a decent idea of what a Movie Collection is, now on to my question for you:

How do we want to view Movie Collections in CMC?

My initial thoughts are these:
  • They should appear as a Box Set cover on the main cover view
  • They should open as a Box Set, showing the Movie covers just as you see in a typical Box Set
  • The should only show Movies that you have in your collection - do not show missing movies
What do you think, do you agree? Perhaps you would prefer Movie Collections to look different than a Box Set, so you can tell at a glance it is a Movie Collection?

I'm also thinking there should be a way to only show Movie Collections on in the main cover view, but I'm not sure where to put this toggle. Along the same lines, some users have asked for a way to filter on Box Sets, so I'd like to come up with a solution for both at the same time.

I could add it to the Media Type filters:

image.png (407.24 KiB) Viewed 13271 times

I'm thinking the list would be something like this:
  • Show All Media Types
  • Show Movies
  • Show TV Series
  • Show Music
  • Show Documentaries
  • Show Other Media Types
  • Show Box Sets & Movie Collections
If I did this, would you want me to split that into two options, one to "Show Box Sets" and another to "Show Movie Collections"?

Alternatively, I could put some new options in the Advanced Filters panel:

image.png (897.85 KiB) Viewed 13271 times

Another idea is that I could have them show when viewing WatchLists, since for some people a Movie Collection might kind of be like a WatchList. But this one doesn't seem right to me, as I think of WatchLists as movies I want to watch next or soon, and I'm not sure a Movie Collection would always be something you want to watch soon. This also fails to solve the Box Set filtering requirement.

image.png (175.43 KiB) Viewed 13271 times

My last idea is to create a brand new button/icon on the top IconBar for filtering down to Box Sets & Movie Collections. I'm not a fan of this, as there's already a lot of icons on the IconBar, and some users may not even have Box Sets or Movie Collections which would make the button worthless for them.

Plus, adding a new icon would be a LOT of work for me.

But I thought I would include this idea as I don't know what other users think.

Please share your thoughts - I'd like to hear from all users.

President, Chameleon Consulting LLC
Author, Chameleon MediaCenter

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