Since 1997, Chameleon Consulting has developed custom software applications for enterprise clients.  As part of development contracts, these products have been works for hire for private client use only, and have never been available to the general market.

Beginning in 2012, Chameleon Consulting started developing our own line of commercial products, covering a diverse and eclectic set of markets, for sale to the general public.

All products deliver innovation in their markets, and are designed to solve very specific challenges at affordable price points.  Chameleon Consulting strives to be the unrivaled cost and performance leader for every product market we enter.

Below is a synopsis of the current product lines available.

The Chameleon HealthSuite is a comprehensive solution for managing complex, multi-lifecycle, many-server Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) enterprise installations.

The Chameleon HealthSuite consists of a number of separate, yet tightly integrated web and desktop applications that provide advanced reporting, monitoring and management capabilities to extend the capabilities of your company’s WFC infrastructure, simplify daily management tasks, and solve load balancing challenges.

A common challenge with load balancing a Kronos WFC installation is accurate identification of server issues.  Most load balancers just don’t have the capability to thoroughly inspect a running Kronos WFC system and make accurate availability decisions.  The Chameleon HealthSuite solves these challenges, plus it provides a robust toolkit for administering small to enterprise scale Kronos WFC implementations.

The Chameleon HealthSuite is comprised of three components:

    • The Chameleon HealthCheck ISAPI Extension is installed on each Kronos WFC server, and provides a lightweight API that allows load balancers and monitoring tools to quickly and accurately assess the true health of each and every Kronos WFC instance.  This component is also queried by both ServerMon clients to gather health metrics.  The Chameleon HealthCheck ISAPI Extension leverages the Kronos WFC API, WFC GUI access, direct database queries, Windows services monitoring, and Windows file-system monitoring to provide nearly two-dozen metrics.  A built-in performance test is available to help troubleshoot sporadic response times and measure SLA compliance.


    • The Chameleon ServerMon ISAPI Web Client provides a central hub for the Chameleon HealthSuite configuration data, keeping all Chameleon ServerMon Desktop Clients in perfect sync, and provides a convenient web page for monitoring the health of your Kronos servers when you are away from your desktop.


  • The Chameleon ServerMon Desktop Client is a lightweight application used by your Kronos administrators to easily configure the Chameleon HealthCheck ISAPI Extensions, monitor the health metrics of all servers and life-cycles, and quickly perform routine day-to-day server maintenance tasks.  The Chameleon ServerMon Desktop Client allows you to group servers together by role (i.e. Production, Test, Dev) for more efficient monitoring and maintenance.

For additional information on the Chameleon HealthSuite, please visit the product page here.

The Chameleon Pinball Engine (CPE) is a brand new software+hardware platform for controlling physical pinball machines.  CPE throws out decades of legacy concepts to provide a fresh and truly modern rethink to pinball controllers.

The Chameleon Pinball Engine has been designed from scratch to be an easy to use, powerful, compact, and cost effective solution, ideal for start-up pinball manufacturers, pinball restorers, pinball customizers, and DIY pinball machines.

The CPE platform allows you to begin a new pinball creation at the creative stage, bypassing the expensive and labor intensive engineering and programming stages that we have performed for you.  Innovative wiring solutions also drastically reduce assembly labor.


The Chameleon Pinball Engine software runs on a low-end Windows PC and provides a point-and-click style configuration wizard that allows you to build the game rules without writing a single line of code.  Easily integrate artwork, create DMD animations, add sound effects, and create dazzling light-shows in a fraction of the time it would take to develop these assets on any other platform.  The Chameleon Pinball Engine software also takes care of running the configured game.


The Chameleon IO Controller is a high-speed USB board that connects to the PC and natively integrates with the Chameleon Pinball Engine software to provide 56 discreet ESD protected HID joystick buttons for switch inputs, and 112 discreet outputs for illuminating LED’s, and for controlling solenoids and motors connected via power drivers.  With an integrated USB hub, a downstream USB port is available for connecting Chameleon IO Expanders for more outputs.  With a footprint approximately the size of a DVD, the diminutive Chameleon IO Controller can be mounted directly to the playfield, both shortening wire runs and and eliminating wiring harnesses between the cabinet and and playfield.

The Chameleon IO Expander connects via USB to the Chameleon IO Controller to provide an additional 168 outputs, for a total of 280 outputs, ideal for full RGB LED lighting.

The Chameleon Power Driver is a high-power (50V @ 10A) solenoid power-driver that provides 8 outputs in a footprint the size of a business card.  Each Power Driver is easily connected to the IO Controller.

The Chameleon Cabinet Controller is a USB board that remotely controls the startup and shutdown of the PC, and provides 24 HID joystick button inputs to connect to all cabinet buttons and the coin-door.  With an integrated USB hub, it conveniently provides additional downstream USB ports for connecting keyboards and mice as needed.  The Chameleon Cabinet Controller is perfect for pinball machines, arcade cabinets and even automotive applications.

ChameLED’s are custom designed pinball LED’s, available in single colors and RGB, designed to be both more affordable and easier to wire up compared to standard pinball lighting solutions.

With Chameleon MediaCenter, you can enjoy browsing your movie and TV show collection from the comfort of your couch, or listen to your prized music collection with audiophile grade sound.

Chameleon MediaCenter is a powerful GUI front-end for Binnerup’s My Movies. This lightweight app is a standalone replacement for the legacy Windows Media Center with the My Movies plug-in, and it is fully Windows 10 compatible.

Chameleon MediaCenter takes care of mounting your DVDBlu-ray and UHD 4K ISO and DVD-Folder images for playback, and also supports all popular encoded media formats like MP4MKV and M4V.  CMC integrates with PowerDVD, DVDFab Player, Media Player Classic (MPC)VLC and even Microsoft’s Movies & TV for playback of all your media.

Chameleon MediaCenter utilizes the Un4seen BASS Audio Library to deliver pristine audio fidelity, with support for up to 192KHz @ 32-bit floating point, 7.1 channel output.  CMC supports all popular audio formats, including lossless codecs with multi-channel audio.

For more information, please visit Chameleon MediaCenter’s dedicated website and support forum here.