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If you have 101 titles or less in your collection, Chameleon MediaCenter is free to use. Enjoy!  Additionally, you may use Chameleon MediaCenter with larger collections for free as a trial, though only 101 titles will be displayed.

If you have more than 101 titles in your collection, you will need a license to display all titles. Chameleon MediaCenter costs $22.00 per license, 1 license per PC.  We only accept PayPal at this time.

Purchase includes free upgrades to all future Chameleon MediaCenter versions.

Info on Purchasing Multiple Licenses:
If ordering multiple licenses, please note that you will only receive a single Product Key per order, and that key will be authorized for 'x' concurrent installations, where 'x' is the number of licenses purchased. This is family pack style licensing, and is appropriate for a single customer.

If you are an installer looking to purchase a separate product key for each installation, please submit a support request for help with volume licensing. We can provide a list of product keys suitable for pre-installation on multiple PC's going to separate clients.

Price per license $22.00
Your total: $22.00 per license

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