Chameleon MediaCenter v2.2 Now Available

Now with My Movies API functionality!


After several long months of development and testing, we are pleased to release Chameleon MediaCenter v2.2!


CMC v2.2 is chock-full of improvements.  Most noteworthy is that CMC can now optionally use the My Movies API data.  User's have been requesting this since the beginning, when CMC was known as MM Browser, and it is finally here!


With the My Movies API data, you can now enjoy a significantly better TV Series browsing experience.  Explore TV Series, Seasons and Episodes, direct play Episodes, track the watched status of individual Episodes, and even autoplay Episodes one after another (use MPC as the Episode playback software for best Episode Autoplay results).


Even better, you no longer have to perform the tedious extra maintenance in My Movies Collection Management to force Episode metadata to export so you can see them in CMC.


Please note that you will need at least 2500 My Movies Contribution Points in order to have access to the My Movies API.  For users that already have enough points, you're good to go, but if you don't then I highly recommend it as the API data is so much better and easier, it's definitely worth it.


To learn more about the new My Movies API data capabilities, please visit the CMC forums.


Another major new feature are the External Links, which are configurable buttons that can launch any Windows app or open URL's in the browser of your choice.  External Links allows CMC to be your main hub, not only launching your Movies and TV Series, but also launching your streaming video websites, games and gamehubs like Steam, and pretty much anything else that you can imagine.


Other noteworthy new features in v2.2 include:

  • The GUI is now 90% touch/mouse enabled, plus an on-screen remote to control the rest
  • New TV Series/Box Set cover profile so that you can identify them at a glance
  • TV Parental Rating images, so you can see the correct ratings for TV Series
  • JRiver is now supported as an external player (LAV + madVR + Blu-ray Menus!!!)
  • New option to auto-marks movies and episodes as watched
  • New option to have DVD covers wrap around, so you can scroll Z > A and back again.
  • External Links - Launch Windows Apps and open URL's right from CMC's top ModeBar
  • The Music Library now supports creating and listening to Playlists
  • You can now filter your music collection by Music Genre
  • Support for non-16:9 screen ratios
  • New options for Sleep and Shutdown added to Exit/Reboot menu.
  • Plus dozens of enhancements, fixes, graphical improvements, and configurable options


Without a doubt, v2.2 is the best version of Chameleon Media Center yet!


Check out the Downloads page for more details.  For current users, CMC/MM Browser will let you auto-update to Chameleon MediaCenter the next time you run your current version.



For My Movies Users


Do you love collecting movies and TV shows?  Do you love My Movies by Binnerup Consult?  We sure do, and you will love it even more with Chameleon MediaCenter (formerly MM Browser), the ultimate graphical front-end created specifically for My Movies users.


Designed to integrate with the powerful My Movies Collection Management solution, Chameleon MediaCenter is a standalone replacement for Windows Media Center and the My Movies plug-in.


Microsoft retired Windows Media Center with the release of Windows 10.  Until now, you had to either soldier on with Windows 7/8.1 to maintain your graphical front-end for My Movies, or worse use sketchy and problematic WMC installs on Windows 10 - installs that Microsoft kills twice a year with their forced updates.


But let's be honest: Windows 7 is dead, Windows 8.1 is dead, and Windows Media Center is dead.  The landscape now resembles an episode of Game of Thrones, with all your favorites being killed off in their prime.  But like John Snow, My Movies has survived the transition to Windows 10, though perhaps not unscathed.


Chameleon MediaCenter solves these issues.  CMC offers a WMC experience in a standalone application, ideal for enjoying your My Movies curated video collection and your too often ignored music collection.


For Windows Media Center Fans


Chameleon MediaCenter is an easy and fun solution to using My Movies on Windows 10 (plus it works on Win 7 / 8.1 too).  Lightweight and fast, CMC will make it a joy to find your next main event for movie night.  With convenient filters for watched/unwatched titles and genres, 14 different ways to sort your titles, and powerful real-time searches by movie title or actor/crew names, you will quickly find exactly the flick you are looking for in that massive movie collection.


Prefer to watch a TV show?  Chameleon MediaCenter let's your browse your collection of TV shows and episodes, and supports playback for individual episodes, even for discs that are still in ISO format.


After you select your movie or show to watch, Chameleon MediaCenter can automatically mount movies from your online collection and launch PowerDVD, DVDFab Player, MPC, VLC or Win10 Movies & TV to play them.  CMC can also autoplay inserted discs, allowing you to enjoy your offline collection and rentals.


Unlike competing solutions, you won't have to futz around with play script files to get your media playing  with your favorite DVD/Blu-ray player - we figure this all out for you and program it right into Chameleon MediaCenter.


For Music Lovers


Chameleon MediaCenter is more than just a replacement for the previous My Movies Windows Media Center based solution.  CMC includes a Music Library with world-class audio playback provided by the Un4seen BASS Audio Library.  The CMC Music Library imitates the WMC Music Library, so you'll be right at home in no time enjoying your prized music collection.


Free for Small Collections, Free to Try for Large Collections


Chameleon MediaCenter is free to use for collections up to 101 titles.  And for the price of a single Blu-ray movie, you can use CMC to tame a monster movie & music collection of any size.


There's just too much functionality to list it all on this page.  You can learn more by checking out the Features page.  Or better yet, go ahead and download Chameleon MediaCenter and give it a whirl.