Chameleon MediaCenter

Chameleon MediaCenter v2.1 Now Available in Deutsch, en Español, & en Français!

With the new year comes some great new features for Chameleon MediaCenter.  First up is that CMC now has multi-lingual support, and v2.1 is shipping with German, French and Spanish translations included.  This was a monumental effort, made successful in large part due to the generosity of several CMC users who meticulously performed the translations.

Another monumental change is that the entire Settings menu was redone for v2.1.  Options are now nicely laid out in categories.  Every single option includes on-screen help describing what each option does (yes, these are translated too!).  And the entire Settings menu now works with a mouse in addition to keyboard/remote input (we hope to extend mouse support to more areas of the GUI in the future).

For the first time, v2.1 supports skinning the GUI.  This is just the first step in adding skinning support, as currently only the graphics are swappable.  In the future, we plan to add support for custom colors too.  The effort to enable skinning also resulted in a 40% reduced program size.

Program startup speed has been dramatically enhanced in v2.1 – for many users you may see startup time cut in half, or better.

There’s also lots of cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes that make v2.1 the best version yet of Chameleon Media Center.

Check out the Downloads page for more details.  For current users, CMC/MM Browser will let you auto-update to Chameleon MediaCenter the next time you run your current version.

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